trust unwrapped - a story of ethics, integrity and chocolate


"The quickest way to build a business to be proud of is to make sure every member of the leadership team reads this book."

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Trust Unwrapped Book Reviews


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"The book is inspiring - a reminder to follow your truth, intuition and dreams."

Elaine Grix, BAA


"Just a short note to let you know I just finished reading your book and it was simply outstanding! Talk about a fresh approach to unveiling personal ethics in a clear and relevant way."

Mariano Doble, EVP, Cable & Wireless


"That book is great, a real gem. I particularly like the quote "better to trust the man who is frequently in error than one who is never in doubt". It's certainly made me think about things in a different way, always the mark of a good book."

Matt Wilkinson, The British Land Company


"I read the book while travelling last weekend. An easy read, a nice story and of course a happy ending! I imagine the book will be a great success"

Paul Drechsler, Chairman & Chief Executive, Wates Group


"An entertaining and provocative read for anyone wishing to understand the business case for ethical corporate conduct."

David Molian, Bettany Centre for Enterpreneurship, Cranfield School of Management


"The quickest way to build a business to be proud of is to make sure every member of the leadership team reads this book."

Ted Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Craegmoor Healthcare


"How refreshing to have such a simple yet important idea put across in such a way. The book was a delight to read and certainly one I would recommend to patients and colleagues alike. Many thanks."

Jayne Wells, Managing Director, Wells Physiotherapy Clinic


"This book is a real page turner. I was eager to get back to it as soon as possible...I would recommend it to people from all kinds of jobs as the point applies to each and everyone."

Elizabeth Vaughton, Dance and Physical Education Teacher


"Excellent research and storytelling - nice design/layout too."

Nick Webb, Management Consultant


"A story that takes you captive, it makes you want to read on. With all the information that goes with it on the opposite page, it's a beautiful idea."

Bram Dekker, Researcher for Oasis Belgium


"A great book!!"

Dave Gooderidge, Minister, Lymington Baptist Church


"A story of self awakening to the "true" values of life. An interesting mix of facts and figures and the story of one wonan's journey to find what is truly important."

Karen West


"I read Trust Unwrapped with the anticipation usually reserved for a novel. It's the perfect reminder that in business you really do reap exactly what you sow!"

Tracey Thake


"I read the book from cover to cover in a matter of hours, I hope that my patients didn't notice my eagerness to return to it! The book has provided me with plenty of food for thought and I hope to be able to use some of the principles to positively enhance my business and personal relationships."

Michael Palfrey


"A great Easter holiday read. ~ Returned to my business with a rather different frame of mind this week... Thank you!"

Robert Blackburn


"When I have managed to get time to read, I haven't been able to put the book down as it is well written and great having a story alongside facts. It is a great book to read even if you didn't want to educate yourself further."

Kelly James-Cawte